“With the coaching of Mike and Lynn at Dogs Way, my foster pup was able to overcome severe crate anxiety over the course of just a few weeks. His anxiety was so bad that he was injuring himself until he could get out of the crate when we left home. After a session with Mike and Lynn and understanding how our pup was thinking about the situation, we were able to overcome his crate anxiety after just a few weeks of changing our routine and being consistent! He now enjoys to go into the crate and is calm and content when in his crate while we are gone during the day! It’s amazing to watch Dogs Way Dog Training help dogs go from stressed out to content! I highly recommend them!! “

Hannah Verdon

“We have had several dogs in our care that Dogs Way Dog Training has helped us with. Through various tips and training practice, we have been able to better understand our dogs and train them in a positive calm manner! 😊 “

– Jennette Pietrzak

“Dogs Way training is fantastic! My dogs were showing signs of aggression. After 1in home visit with Mike, we are completely changed!”

– Jolynn Peck
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