Dogs Way Dog Training near Minneapolis, MN was founded with the vision of helping owners understand their dog’s behavior to help mold a better relationship with you and your canine. Our training style is behavior based that practices nurturing the mind to be more in tune to handle different environments and situations in a safe and calm matter. But, ultimately trusting and respecting the owner’s decisions. We are equipped to help all owners and canines from different walks of life, and strive to support you and your family to understand the stress free way of owning a dog.


Meet Lynn:
The BEST part of my job is when one of my clients has their “aha” moment. I can’t describe how amazing it feels to see them get excited, and feel empowered as they become more and more confident in themselves and their relationship with their dog. I have been working with and training dogs for 5 years but honestly have been working with them all of my life. Educating people is so important to me. To teach them who their dog is and how to relate to them. Then how to practically apply it. My one request to potential clients is that they try and do their research.

In my down time, I love spending time with my family playing games, watching movies, going to baseball games and the race track during the summers.

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